About us

A Centre For All 

CHC is about supporting change and offering opportunities for positive change. These opportunities are made available to everyone who participates in any of the services provided by CHC: our customers, our volunteers, local residents, our partners, our visitors.


Our Centre and Services are available to everyone irrespective of who they are or what they need. Those who use our centre are not categorised or identified by their problems or their situations. They are people wanting to create positive changes in their lives to suit their ambitions.

A Challenge For All

Change can be a challenge and for some more than for others. CHC’s innovative approach supports and challenges everyone to take full personal responsibility for their lives and how they want to live them. 


We support those who come to us to take the lead on their own journey of change. Everyone is encouraged to have high expectations and to realise their potential.

A Community

We are developing programmes that enhance our community; that make it a place for vulnerable residents to be included and enable access to opportunities for personal development.


Today at our Community Resource Centre we have vulnerable people and local residents working, learning and socialising together.The future direction of our work will be about supporting local residents to lead our community developments with the help of our services and expertise.