CHC started its life as a local Irish support group. Over the years we have opened our doors to all the community. We believe in supporting any vulnerable person in the community in a mixed setting. We are proud of our Irish identity and want to share and invite other communities to share their culture with us.
CHC has a long history of support from the Irish community, both in the UK and Ireland and this continues today. The Irish government through its ESP – Emigrant Support Programme – is a key funder/supporter of our work. At 34% of our customer population Irish customers represent the largest group of people we work with. We have seen an increase in the numbers of Irish customers seeking our support  in the last two years and we envisage this to continue over the next five years as we become more adept at encouraging often hard to engage customers to work with us. 

Irish Projects at CHC 

The ‘Director’ of all Irish projects ensures a sustainable environment for the design and delivery of services to our Irish customers that lead to positive change. 

 The Irish Elders Homeless Project

This project provides a combination of advocacy, advice and support to a population of Irish homeless people who have serious problems often relating to substance misuse, poor capacity, poor living conditions and isolation from mainstream services and the Irish Community living in the area.


The CHC & ICAP Partnership Therapeutic Services Project

This is a joint project between ICAP (Immigrant Counselling and Psychotherapy) and CHC to deliver a programme of counselling to Irish customers in the NW London area. For more information visit

The Link Project

Success for a particular group of our Irish customers requires a coordinated and comprehensive casework programme of support with elements of advocacy, campaigning and complex case work. The Link Project plays an essential role in triage, assessment and support planning and successfully referring to either CHC or external services or both.

 The Assertive Community Of Irish Elders Project
It engages with irish over 60’s  non-homeless who are isolated by virtue of ill-health, phychological issues and often living alone without much family support. 
Social Welfare and Support Activities
CHC provides a programme of social activity, companionship and a hot meal to older Irish homeless and non homeless people from the NW London area.