CHC provides individually tailored services that are culturally sensitive to the unique strengths of individuals and the community. Our services generally fall into one of these four categories.

We ask that anyone interested in accessing our services to call us or drop us a line first. This ensures that they will get to meet with the right person at the earliest opportunity.  Customers then spend less time waiting to be seen, and can be confident that our staff will have adequate time to spend with them.

At their first appointment, if CHC is able to work with the customer, a support plan is agreed between the them and the worker. This sets down what each party will need to do in order for the customer to reach their goal.

How do we deliver these services? 

Our services are delivered in a way that is appropriate to the needs of our customers. This may take the form of Support Groups, One-to-One Sessions or Outreach. In addition to services provided by our staff and volunteers, CHC also works with partner agencies. This expands the range of services we can offer and allows us to offer advice and support that is needed by the community in the community.

How can customers access services?  

New customers can contact us. Anybody who approaches us for advice/support will receive a brief assessment by our reception team. Customers are assessed for need and eligibility according to the departmental criteria. If the person can be assisted by CHC an appointment will be made with the appropriate worker. Where we cannot help, we will always try to refer to an appropriate service, making an appointment for the person with that service where possible.