The Importance of Translating for the Charity Sector

Charity organizations, NGOs and other entities that collect money for the sake of those in need are often scrutinized. While there are many companies and organizations out there that are outright fake and collect money for their personal need, not all of them fall into this category.

One of the easiest and most affordable ways of amending for that suspicion is to translate corporate materials into other languages. What are the most important factors to consider when it comes to translating materials, web pages and promotions in the charity sector?

Transparency and professionalism

Charities primarily focus on children in need, homeless people or those in need of expensive medical procedures. Being an entity that works for others doesn’t mean that you are outside the law. Professional courtesy, corporate transparency and good PR are not only welcome but often required.

Translating your mission statements and upcoming events into other popular languages can be of great benefit to you. It can attract public attention, give you free exposure and most importantly – show the world that you have nothing to hide.

Attracting foreign benefactors

The purpose of any charity project is to raise money for a certain cause. This cause becomes much more realistic of people of different nationalities and religions get involved. Translating and localizing content for different regions can be beneficial to your organization in many ways.

The most important aspect of attracting foreign benefactors is the fact that some of them are very lucrative in nature. Individuals are often able to tip the balance of a project by giving large sums of money from their personal wealth – all thanks to being able to understand the charity project in the first place.

Volunteers from abroad

Charities operate on a low-cost basis. Everything that involves additional cost usually ends up being delegated to good-hearted volunteers and pro bono agencies. However, finding these individuals is rarely an easy task in a capitalist society where everything has a cost. This is where professional translation of charity documents and website can be of use.

Some of the top translation companies specialize in localizing online content and are able to do it at very affordable prices. This can attract the much-needed attention of volunteers from abroad. Gathering a group of likeminded volunteers that want to spend some time together and work for a greater cause at zero cost is longer a pipe dream if proper translation is employed.

Low long-term costs

Like we’ve said before, charity organizations rarely spend more than is needed for individual projects. Feeding the volunteers, submitting paperwork and printing promotional materials often comes under charity itself and the organization rarely has to pay much for it.

Translating and localizing online and offline documents in order to be more transparent and forthcoming with potential partners can lower those costs even further. While it may require short-term investment into a translation service, the resulting documents can be used for months or years to come.

Higher charity revenue

Lastly, the most important reason for an investment into translation and localization is to make more money. Charity organizations exist to help those in need – what better way to do so than by making more revenue? The income of a charity organization can be greatly increased if more people are aware of their cause.

People from Asia or South America don’t have the knowledge to translate European charity websites by themselves. Making the world as small as possible for your charity organization should be a top priority. After all, the more money you raise, the more people you will be able to help.

Final summation

Seeing that there are more and more charities around the world every day, differentiating from the competition can be difficult. The more open and welcoming you appear to the public, the more people you will attract to your organization. Translate and localize content as much as you have to depending on your predominant audience. It is a small price to pay for the potential money you can raise for good causes that are worth fighting for.

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